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Razamataz Merchandise Production

Razamataz is the only UK promotional merchandise company that has in-house printing and woven/embroidery finishing depts.
Manufacturing our own merchandise means we are always in charge of all our own production, enabling us to make sure that everything we produce is up to our very high standards. Having everything under one roof enables us to turn goods around quickly which is crucial during busy tours and tight deadlines.
Being eco-friendly aware we make sure everything produced at Razamataz is kept well within strict environmental regulations.  


Razamataz Design

State of the art equipment, software, and a highly skilled design team ensure that your ideas are realised fully and brought to life.
From design briefs, through supplied art, no task is too small, and our design team relish a challenge!
Members of our design team work vertically throughout the process. From realisation, through separation & film plotting, to colourisation, wet proofing on the print machines and finally onto web administration, ensuring that there is creative input present throughout the process.

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Razamataz Printshop

Our award winning print department uses the latest, high-tech screen printing equipment including five multi colour automatic carousels, two manual flat beds and full colour pad printing facilities. Our experienced team follow each job carefully through each process from design to screen and print in order to achieve the best quality results.

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Razamataz Weaving

Lancashire is world famous for it’s weaving history and Razamataz is proud to continue in the local tradition. Using the finest high speed rapier looms and the latest jacquard design technology, combined with a wealth of skill and experience in our finishing department, we create woven products of outstanding quality.

weaving screenshot

Razamataz Embroidery

Our skilled embroidery team use the latest embroidery equipment and digityzing technology enabling them to produce work of the highest quality, not only on garments but on a wide range of accessories including wristbands, ties, gloves and wallets.

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