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Razamataz Online Catalogue "Flipbook"

"The Black Book is Dead! Long Live the Flip Book!" At the end of 2009, Razamataz ceased production of the fabled Black Book catalogue series, which had become outdated, outmoded, and was environmentally unsound. The obvious growing popularity of "online' catalogues meant that the final nail was driven into the coffin of the Razamataz hard copy catalogue and the Black Book series was confined to the annals of history.

Razamataz can now offer its customers an online Black Book. Simply click on the link to the right to access a full online catalogue. Due to its ease of use and accessibility the new online Black Book can be updated much more frequently, giving instant access to new garments and new accessories, which can be added much more frequently. Allied to this, the Accessories and Garments lists/order forms can be requested via the email address below.

If you have any queries as to content of the catalogue, or you require order forms, please contact PHIL@RAZAMATAZ.COM.

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